Goodbye Heart

Keep Me Close


Seattle dreampop duo, Goodbye Heart takes us into their dynamic world of atmospheric synths, gritty electronic percussion, and heart-wrenching vocals. Drawing inspiration from lush, textural movie soundtracks and their native New York City's hip-hop roots, Goodbye Heart creates an emotional, multi-layered sonic experience for driving, dancing, falling in love, or falling apart. 

Goodbye Heart is Sam Ford and Nila K Leigh, two friends whose musical collaboration began in NYC, and has since brought them to Seattle. Their musical influences extend from The Cure to Johnny Jewel to Nas. 

Restless Nights, the band's debut EP, was recorded with producer and engineer Shawn Simmons at Studio Litho in Seattle, WA.

For their full-length album/project Keep Me Close, the band released 15 songs - one every two weeks from May to December, 2016. Keep Me Close was recorded, mixed, and produced by Goodbye Heart at their studio in Seattle, WA.


KEXP Song of The Day: "Lives on Lives"  (Keep Me Close track #1)  6/7/16

“Intensely glacial but somehow also warm-natured, Goodbye Heart could be from the future. Inspiring.”  – PopMatters

“Distinctive and subtly charming, Keep Me Close is a stunner.” - Zouch

“Given the range we've seen from Goodbye Heart over the years, this is going to be a hell of an impactful record once we hear it in full.”  - Thrd Coast

“I love the EP Restless Nights. It’s one of my favorite records of the year”   – DJ Cheryl Waters, KEXP

“Indie dream-pop that is elegant and ravishing”  – Spread

KEXP Song of The Day: "Just Kids" 3/28/14 

"Restless Nights is replete with an enthralling tension between understated intimacy and sprawling, expressive ambiance." –Thrd Coast  

"...lush, ethereal quality [with] an almost electro-hip-hop feel   - Seattle Weekly

“Goodbye Heart brings a driving, full flow to their dream pop landscape, complete with lush vocals and drum machine rhythms. With such a full sound it’s hard to believe there are only two of them!”  – The Stranger

"Full of gorgeous, patient melodies and lovely boy/girl harmonizing over a bed of textured bass and synthesizer sounds. The collection feels like a warm blanket analogous to your favorite tracks from Washed Out with pretty guitar lines and vocals that recall Autre Ne Veux."  Nada Mucho

"41 Seattle Bands We're Watching in 2014" - Nada Mucho

“Goodbye Heart transports listeners into a fascinating world that they won’t want to leave.” - Northwest Music Scene

“Impeccably produced by the duo, Keep Me Close is an essential portal to inner space, its tunes encircling and wafting like a past love; restless, but destroyed.” - The Big Takeover


Goodbye Heart - "Don't Slow Down" (directed by Chris Volckmann)
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